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2016 Water Quality Report
The 2016 Water Quality Report is available here and at City Hall.

Important Changes to Your Utility Billing Account

Dear Richmond Hill Customer,

As a valued customer, we are notifying you of important changes to your utility billing account. When you receive your next bill, a new bill format will provide you with more information on your account. In addition to your charges and usage, your usage patterns will be provided in an easy to understand graph so you can better manage your water consumption. There is also a “Special Message” section where the city will notify you of important news or city events.

On the reverse side of your bill there are additional important changes to the way charges will be applied to your account. In the Service Charges section you will note that we have a new due date, penalty application date, and disconnection dates for all utility accounts. All utility accounts will now be due on the 17th of each month. Any account not paid in full by the end of business on the 17th of the month will receive a $10 late fee. Accounts not paid in full by 5 p.m. on the 25th of the month will be scheduled for disconnection and charged a $35 Service Charge.

We understand these changes will require an adjustment period. In order to allow all customers an opportunity to understand these changes and bring their accounts current, we will begin to apply these charges on your August statement.

For your convenience, the city encourages the use of Bank Draft and is offering an incentive of $1.00 credit per month on each bill paid by bank draft. We are also very excited to finally offer ebill! We will also offer a $1.00 per month incentive if you choose to “paperless.” This provides you with an immediate $2.00 per month savings on your bill! We have enclosed a separate information sheet detailing these two options.

The City of Richmond Hill is moving into the future and we encourage you to move forward with us! Please call us at (912) 756-3345 if you have additional questions regarding these changes or other questions about your utility billing account. And remember to watch the “Special Message” section on your new bill for important updates and information!