Doing Business

Starting a Business in Richmond Hill

A Guide to Starting a Business in Richmond Hill

Prior to opening a new business in Richmond Hill a business license must be obtained from the Tax Clerk.

Businesses requiring a state license or state certification must submit a copy along with the Business License Application.

A physical address must be listed on the application. No post office box address will be accepted as the physical address.

A change of occupancy or a certificate of occupancy may be necessary if the business location was previously occupied by another type of business or is located in new construction. The business will be notified in five to seven business days of approval/disapproval.

You may pick up and pay (based on the gross estimated sales for the year or the number of employees) for the approved license at City Hall.

Business Licenses are valid from January 1 to December 31. Businesses are responsible for renewing their licenses annually. Penalties and late fees will be charged beginning April 1.

If your business intends to sell alcohol, you are required to submit an Alcoholic Beverage License Application in addition to your Business License Application.

Read the Roadside Sales and Mobile Vending Ordinance (PDF) and complete the Roadside Sales and Mobile Vending Application.