1.Do I need a burn permit to burn yard debris?
Yes, burn permits are required and can be obtained through Georgia Forestry by calling 1-877-OK-2-BURN.

2.Can I take a tour of the fire station?
Of Course! We’re more than happy to show off our stations and equipment. Keep in mind that the firefighters are on duty, and may have to leave quickly at a moment’s notice. Also, if you plan to bring a large group (such as a school event) please call ahead to schedule a tour.
3.Can you bring a fire truck to my event?
The Fire Department is always willing to help with local events. In addition to increasing your event’s visibility by displaying our fire apparatus, we treat the event as an educational opportunity to discuss fire safety and prevention to everyone who attends. For more information on scheduling, please call Station 1 at 912-756-3749, or you can print an application from our Documents section of this site.
4.Do you give out smoke detectors?
Yes we do! We will provide and install smoke detectors in the homes of citizens who reside within the city limits of Richmond Hill free of charge. Please call 912-756-3749 for more information, or print an application from our Documents section of this site.
5.Do you teach CPR classes?
Yes we do! The Richmond Hill Fire Department provides CPR certification courses free of charge to citizens of the city. Please contact Captain Johnson at 912-756-3749 for scheduling information.