Business Licenses

Applying for an Occupational Tax Certificate

An Occupational Tax Certificate – commonly referred to as a business license – is required to conduct business in Richmond Hill, including home occupations. Applications can be obtained online or at City Hall. We strongly encourage businesses to obtain an Occupational Tax Certificate before opening. However, a business may obtain an Occupational Tax Certificate within its first 30 days of operation.

The charge for an Occupational Tax Certificate varies depending on information such as gross receipts. All occupational tax certificates expire on December 31st of each year regardless of when the license was originally obtained and must be paid and renewed by March 31st each year.

 If you have questions regarding the business licensing process, please contact City Hall at (912) 756-3345.

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Updating Business Information

If your business is undergoing a transition, please notify the City by completing the required forms and returning them to City Hall.

 Please Note: If you are selling your business, you must notify the City of the sale before the new owner can apply for an occupational tax certificate.

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