Outdoor Burning

The City of Richmond Hill follows the guidelines set forth by the Georgia Forestry Commission regarding outdoor burning. Burn permits are not required when burning hand-piled natural vegetation (leaves & limbs). However, it is illegal to burn any debris that is not naturally produced on your property (garbage, lumber scraps, pallets, cardboard, etc.). Additionally, fires must be constantly attended by a responsible adult, a water source for quick extinguishment must be present, and fires must be completely extinguished by dusk. 

Burning for the purposes of commercial land clearing must be permitted through the Georgia Forestry Commission. Rules for separation distances and the use of air curtain destructor equipment will be enforced. 

While hand-piled and commercial burning are allowed by following the above guidelines, the fire department has full authority to declare any burning a nuisance in certain situations. In this event, the fire will be required to be extinguished whether or not a permit has been issued.

For more information about burning, please visit the Georgia Forestry Commission website.