Where do I go to vote?
For information about polling locations, contact Voter Registration at 912-653-3859.

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1. How do I contact a city/county department?
2. Where do I go to vote?
3. Is there a local library in the area?
4. Where can I go get my driver’s license renewed?
5. Who do I contact to obtain or renew my concealed weapon permit?
6. Who do I call about stray animals?
7. Who do I call if I have an alligator on my property?
8. Who do I call about ducks in my neighborhood?
9. I’ve been having issues with mosquito infestations - does the city spray for management?
10. Who do I call if there is a dead or damaged tree near the street?
11. There is a dead animal in the road. Who will remove it?
12. The street light is out on my street - who do I call to have it repaired?
13. Is there a Division of Family and Children Services office in Richmond Hill?