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Veteran's Monument

Subfacility of J. F. Gregory Recreational Park

About the Veteran's Monument
Richmond Hill has a long history of supporting veterans and the military presence here. Soldiers stopped in the city on their way to Fort McAllister during the Civil War. Many residents from the area fought in World War II, the Korean War, the conflict in Vietnam and Desert Storm.

Today, hundreds of military families call Richmond Hill and south Bryan County home. Many decide to retire here when they leave the service, making the military presence in our community significant. Recognizing the importance of their presence and the contributions they make in Richmond Hill is just one aspect of the Veterans Monument. It honors all Americans, both military and civilian, who have stepped forward and served their country during some of its darkest hours.

You may purchase a monument brick to honor the service of a loved one to his or her country. For more information contact us at 912-756-3345 or bring a completed application to City Hall.